The Benefits of SRS Membership

A spine surgeon at Springfield Clinic, LLP, Ra’Kerry Rahman, MD, has more than a decade of education and training in complex spinal deformity, spine surgery, and scoliosis. Dedicated to providing high-quality, advanced surgical options to patients, Dr. RaKerry Rahman belongs to several professional organizations that are dedicated to the advancement of the field, including the prestigious Scoliosis Research Society (SRS).

Since its founding in 1966, the SRS has grown into one of the world’s premier societies dedicated to education, research, and medical advancement in the field of spinal deformities. Currently made up of more than 1,000 members, the SRS maintains strict membership criteria, welcoming only the leading spine surgeons, researchers, orthotists, and physician assistants in the world.

Being a member of the SRS comes with a wide range of benefits. Members have reduced registration fees for the society’s Annual Meeting and International Meeting of Advanced Spine Techniques. Both events feature a host of important information about changes in the field, and provide attendees with opportunities to network with spine professionals from around the world. Members are also recognized on the SRS online Physician Locator and are eligible for various scholarships and traveling fellowships.

Members are given access to the SRS exclusive Members Only information on the Society’s website. This information includes such things as newsletter archives, historical documents, and video archives of past meeting presentations. Additionally, members will be able to access the Global Outreach lecture depository. Further, the SRS maintains a program through which new members can learn about the society’s various leadership opportunities and connect with professionals online.


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