Supporting the Field – The Scoliosis Research Society


Scoliosis Research Society pic

Scoliosis Research Society

A board certified cervical spine and scoliosis surgeon, RaKerry, or Ra’Kerry, Rahman, MD, is currently the clinical assistant professor of spinal surgery at Springfield Clinic, LLP. A committed professional, Dr. RaKerry Rahman is a member of a number of medical organizations, including the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS).

An international society dedicated to the treatment and research of spinal deformities, the Scoliosis Research Society was established in 1966. With membership that has grown from 35 industry professionals to more than 1,000 surgeons, orthotists, researchers, and assistants, the society maintains a commitment to its founding principle of fostering high-quality patient care. In addition to its public awareness campaign to promote June as Scoliosis Awareness Month, the SRS also promotes professional engagement with its variety of fellowships and scholarships, including the Asia-Pacific Spinal Deformity Scholarship Program, among others. It also honors members with the SRS Lifetime Achievement Award.

Open to two surgeons no older than 45 and who reside in the region, the Asia-Pacific Spinal Deformity Scholarship Program takes place over 12 months. Successful candidates are not necessarily SRS members but are qualified to become members, and must have two references from current members. During the program, the surgeons visit and learn in several spinal deformity centers to enhance their skills, education, and clinical research.

The SRS Lifetime Achievement Award is open to all society members, though senior members receive special consideration. The awarded is granted to SRS members who make noteworthy contributions to the field of spinal deformity care. Recipients receive a plaque in recognition of their achievement, and sit for a 30-minute interview with a society historian.


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