An LPGA Golfer Overcomes Scoliosis


Stacy Lewis pic

Stacy Lewis

Caring for patients throughout the Houston community, spinal surgeon RaKerry Rahman, MD, currently practices at the Spine & Orthopedic Surgical Institute. RaKerry Rahman, MD, has extensive experience operating on patients with cervical, thoracic, and lumbar degenerative conditions, including scoliosis.

The Scoliosis Research Society recently published an article entitled “Stacy’s Story” on its website. This is the story of Stacy Lewis, a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour, and her longtime battle with progressive scoliosis. Diagnosed at age 11, when an asymmetry of the back when bending forward was discovered, Stacy wore a back brace for the majority of the day for more than seven years, including while asleep.

Shedding the back brace at age 18, when she stopped growing, as expected, Stacy was dismayed that the deformity that did not stop progressing. For this reason, surgery was recommended as the only way of fully correcting the condition. An innovative “muscle sparing” approach achieved a balanced correction that provided extra mobility and allowed Stacy to achieve NCAA greatness and make the transition to professional golf.

Dr. Ra’Kerry Rahman maintains an online presence at


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