About Posterior Vertebral Column Resection

A board-certified surgeon and member of the Scoliosis Research Society, RaKerry Rahman, MD, focuses on treatment of spinal deformity and conditions of the cervical spine. Dr. Ra’Kerry Rahman also serves as an active lecturer and educator and recently presented an abstract that discussed 5 year outcomes of the procedure known as the posterior vertebral column resection.

Developed for the treatment of severe kyphosis and similar spinal deformities, posterior vertebral column resection incorporates many of the basic elements of the more traditional two-stage spinal column resection procedure. Both procedures require the surgeon to resect the spine in the areas where the deformity is present.

To perform the procedure, the surgeon removes the vertebra or vertebrae in order to perform the resection. The surgeon then stabilizes the apex spine with artificial structures and decompresses the nerves to enable realignment. Two-stage vertebral column resections require the surgeon to enter the area from the front as well as the back, but extremely skilled surgeons may perform the entire procedure with a fully posterior approach.